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10 of the best easter traditions around the world

By Katharina

March 6, 2018

Easter is celebrated with joy and various different traditions around the world. Eggs are colored and eaten during the celebrations. In Europe, plastic, real or wooden eggs are beautifully colored and crafted and then for house decoration. In many countries, egg rolling races are held, egg hunts and egg-knocking games played.

But what about all these eggs and chicks?

Eggs and chicks are traditionally associated with fertility and new life. The Early Christians took over the meaning in remembrance of the Resurrection and having New Life through Jesus.

Is it all Russian? During the 20th century, the former Russian Royal ruler Alexander III had very special Easter Eggs made from a jeweler as a gift to his wife. It was made of gold and white enamel, carrying a surprise inside. All were so enthusiastic about the beauty of the egg, that Alexander III had the jeweler make one every year. With time, other royal families ordered similar eggs.

10 exceptional ways to celebrate Easter


In Florence, a parade to the cathedral in medieval costumes and with a decorated huge wagon dragged by oxen takes place. The highlight is a fireworks display at the end of the parade. The tradition is called Scoppio del Carro, ‘explosion of the cart’.

Scoppio del Carro - easter tradition florence


Jesus is known to be crucified in Jerusalem. Christians worship Jesus by walking along the same path Jesus did before being nailed to the cross. Some even carry across them in remembrance.


“Sprinkling” is a popular tradition on Easter Monday. Boys sprinkle perfume or perfumed water on girls and ask for a kiss. The water should be cleaning, healing, and fertility-inducing.

Hungary - easter sprinkling


One tradition is that the oldest woman in the family rubs the faces of the children with the first red egg she has colored, symbolizing her wish that they have rosy cheeks, health, and strength through life.

bulgaria easter tradition



In Corfu, people traditionally throw pots and pans out of their windows. It welcomes spring, symbolizing the new crows that will be gathered in new pots.

greece corfu easter tradition



Swedish children celebrate Easter similar to Halloween in the US. They dress up as colorful Easter witches and go from home to home trading paintings and drawings in the hope of receiving sweets.

Sweden Easter Witches


A bonfire is a symbol of light in the darkness and signifies the end of winter and the coming of spring. People traditionally spread the ashes from the Easter Fires on the fields to fertilize the soil. Large fires are also lit in numerous northwestern European countries, like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

EASTER bonfire



Besides small versions of Carnival in every little town to celebrate the end of Lent, Brazilians hang straw dolls representing Judas – known for betraying Christ – in the streets to beat them.

brazil judas easter


In Haux residents serve a giant omelet made of 4500 eggs to people in the street. This is made in honor of Napoleon, who stopped in the small town to eat an omelette with his army.

haux omelet for easter


Cascarones are confetti-filled eggs (want to learn to speak Spanish? Click here for a free trial). On Easter, people first attend church, watch some fireworks, and then throw cascarones at one another. This act is thought to shower loved ones with good luck.

cascarones easter tradition

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