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How to Effectively Prevent Anxiety Attacks

By Gastbeitrag

October 16, 2021

Anxiety attacks can be stressful and disruptive for the people who experience them. Understanding how you can effectively prevent anxiety attacks requires first understanding what anxiety attacks are and their possible causes. In short, anxiety is a response to stressful situations, as your body uses this to provide the focus and energy you need to overcome a stressful situation. However, you could experience more anxiety that is not related to a stressful situation. In this case, the anxiety is no longer helpful but is disruptive. It’s important to remember that anxiety attacks are not the same as panic attacks, which have a clinical definition that describes an episode of panic.

If you’re looking for natural ways to prevent anxiety attacks, here are some things that could be helpful, presented by Brain Friendly.


One of the best ways you can manage anxiety attacks is by embracing different aerobic exercises. Exercise accelerates the release of endorphins, which promote well-being and relaxation. Besides, exercise promotes a sense of control of your body and environment, which leads to a decrease in anxiety that comes from a reduced sense of control. Recommended exercises for anxiety include dancing, brisk walking, running, biking, swimming, and playing games like tennis. Doing these exercises can greatly reduce the chances of experiencing frequent anxiety attacks.


Multiple studies have found that meditation works perfectly to reduce anxiety. While meditation may not appeal to everyone, you can find practical ways to meditate if you want to effectively prevent anxiety attacks. Meditation essentially entails clearing your mind and focusing on the present. It does not need to involve a religious experience. Most preferred types of meditation for anxiety focus on being mindful of the present and breathing. Find a quiet place to clear your mind of any worries you might have about the past. If you have a challenge focusing because your mind keeps wandering, try a guided meditation for anxiety. Meditation is especially important if you want to deal with anxiety caused by an exam; it can calm you down and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Eat Healthily

While there’s no medically recognized diet for anxiety, you can findfoods that are good for anxiety. These contain minerals that alleviate anxiety symptoms. A magnesium deficiency can lead to anxiety, so you need to consume leafy vegetables like kale and spinach in plenty. Zinc is also an important mineral linked to anxiety, so you should also consume foods like beef, egg yolks, liver, oysters, and cashews. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids (such as certain types of fish) also reduce anxiety. As a part of healthy eating, you need to maintain a good schedule and closely watch your portion sizing. What’s more, going without meals can lower blood sugar, which could cause anxious feelings and fatigue.

Dealing with Job Anxiety

Sometimes, anxiety is linked to your career. You need to reflect on your job to know what’s causing the anxiety. If you lack a few important skills, consider going back to school. Alternatively, you could explore a career change to enter a field that gives you more fulfillment. There are many online programs you can enroll in that allow you to learn at your own pace while keeping your job. Talk to a professional to learn more about how to approach your anxiety. You might need to take a break or embrace a new path in your career if you’re stuck at a point where your career is not giving you the satisfaction you desire.

It’s important to understand anxiety prevention techniques because increased anxiety can ultimately lead to serious health problems. In short: When you prevent anxiety, you will live a healthier life. And remember, if you still struggle with anxiety despite these interventions, there could be an underlying anxiety disorder. Speak to your doctor if you have concerns.

Written by Sophie Letts of Meditation Help


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